For Individuals

For Individuals


Individuals who are keen to be productive and effective employees have a right to be given a choice and the opportunity to do so. The role of the Lino Spiteri Foundation is to work with partners in employment, government and non-profits to support the opening and uptake of jobs by persons with a disability, mental health problem or other vulnerable group.

Whilst the foundation stands for equal opportunities for all, the focus will be on those that have difficulty finding employment through open means, mainly due to the complexity of their difficulties and their situation. It is therefore not the scope of the foundation to supersede the Equal Opportunities Act, which stands to ensure that people who are fit for employment are given the right equal opportunity.

If you are registered with he Employment and Training Corporation or the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali ghal Persuni b’ Disabilita’, you should seek out the support of the LSF if you wish to be trained or are already looking for work.

The LSF will support your endeavour to find work and discuss your options with you through our team of experienced job coaches and specialists. We will guide you to the appropriate employment route which may vary according to your wishes, ability, opportunity and resources available. Various settings for employment are available, including direct open employment, supported open employment, sheltered employment and ‘hybrid’ employment settings with full dedicated support in an open setting.

Furthermore, the NGOs involved with the LSF can guide you on the various training options available including apprenticeships schemes such as the SET in Mtarfa. Our goal is to work together to find you the right opportunity to become gainfully employed.

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