MSV Life plc

MSV Life is a leading example of best practice as it creates employment for up to 15 individuals with intellectual disability or autism through its collaboration with the Empower Cooperative Ltd. The social enterprise places individuals at MSV Life after a period of training and appraisal, where they work in the filing section controlling over 100,000 files of clients of the business.

The group  is supported by Marika, a highly experienced job coach that is provided by Empower to ensure that the goals and performance of the group meet the agreed expectations. The company depends on these skilled employees and respects them as valid and integral members of the company’s human resources.

Whilst they are technically employed by Empower and are trained by Inspire, the employees wear MSV uniforms and attend all social and corporate events as employees of the business. This instills a sense of pride and belonging in them that boosts morale, and ultimately performance.

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