About Us

The Lino Spiteri Foundation is a social purpose foundation dedicated to supporting the sustainable employment of persons with disabilities. The foundation is a public social partnership between JobsPlus and Empower Coop Ltd, formally established in 2015.

LSF has two primary client focuses:


The foundation provides a variety of soft skills and on-the-job training that maximizes opportunity for individuals to reach their fullest potential as well as providing initial registration, advisory assistance and job search support to each registered disabled person.

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By keeping close corporate relations with employers, LSF strives to facilitating the recruitment process on a one-stop-shop basis as well as assist with the retention or development within the company long term.

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Today, individuals & companies are being supported to overcome the barriers faced within the labour market to achieve an inclusive workforce. Having supported over 980 companies & 780 individuals in employment, all of us at LSF are determined to continue working towards greater inclusivity in the labour market.