The VASTE Programme ESF.02.048

The VASTE Programme is a project part financed by the European Social Fund under Operational Programme II (2014 – 2020).

The project is being implemented by the Inclusive Employment Services Division (Jobsplus) in partnership with the Lino Spiteri Foundation. The single overall strategic objective is to set up and sustain a number of actions and improved services, focused on enhancing and promoting the skills and abilities of targeted clientele, to have a more inclusive society. The project is built around the needs of vulnerable participants, including persons with disability.

Multiple training options; such as Pre-Employment Training, Basic ICT Training, Sheltered Employment Training, the Headstart Programme and Supported Employment (On the Job Coaching) are being offered to clients as part of the VASTE Programme. More information about this programme can be obtained by calling the programme’s contact line 1711.