Employers are key contributors to an inclusive society

The Lino Spiteri Foundation provides support to employers to promote the employment of persons with a disability. To do this, our foundation correlates with companies to understand their requirements and together we explore employment opportunities. When a company is interested in employing a person with a disability, assistance is given as from the very beginning.

Referrals are made according to the vacancy designed, with the aim of creating a match for the potential job opportunity. Support is then given during the engagement process as well as throughout the individual’s employment within the company.

Services offered to private companies by the Corporate Relations Unit include:

  • Job carving
  • Recruitment services support
  • Onsite support for employed persons with disabilities
  • Support for the application of schemes and other incentives
  • Continued follow on support

Contact our offices on 2220 1761 for more information.

Our aim is to provide ongoing support and maintain a relationship with all parties involved to ensure that the experience is a fruitful one for both the employer and the employee.

Additional Benefits and Schemes

An employer can make use of the Bridging the Gap scheme. This scheme has been designed to support persons with disability in the transition period from unemployment to employment. It allows the employer to evaluate the performance of a person with disability in the workplace, prior to their engagement with the company.


An employer who employs a person with disability will be exempt from paying the employer’s share of social security contributions for such employee and may also be eligible to claim a fiscal incentive equivalent to 25% of the disabled person’s basic wage up to a maximum of  € 4,500 for each person with disability.


An employer can also benefit from the Access to Employment Scheme (A2E). Employers benefiting from the Access to employment Scheme will not be eligible to benefit from the referred fiscal incentive.

Legal Obligations

Since 2015, the 2% quota has been enforced for companies employing more than 20 employees. This means that 2% of the workforce must be persons with a disability. Apart from the support offered by LSF, a number of incentives are also offered that an employer can apply for which are aimed at assisting the company’s liability in creating a more inclusive workplace. For more information regarding your company’s legal obligations please click here.