Headstart Programme

Headstart is a 6-month programme offered by the Lino Spiteri Foundation with the scope of increasing work prospects within the labour market.

The aim of the programme is to assist individuals in enhancing their competences related to employment. It simulates a work setting and is structured in a manner that helps individuals to:

        • Improve relationships and social skills
        • Perform tasks related to the specific programme
        • Understand work-related skills and procedures
        • Foster workplace ethics

Participants are assisted by a job coach throughout the whole experience in order to support them in acquiring their personal objectives. Support is also provided by quality job coaches to ensure that the expected targets and quality of production are reached. During this programme, employment opportunities are also explored according to the individual’s abilities and interests. A support stipend is awarded to successful candidates during their duration of the programme.

Sheltered Employment Training

The Sheltered Employment gives the opportunity to clients with intellectual or other severe disabilities to receive hands-on training in different tasks such as back office, assembly of products, packaging, etc. The duration of this training is of one year, during which, clients work within groups assisted by Job Coaches.

Skills such as work ethics, independent living, communication and social skills are embedded within this programme. The main objective of this initiative is to offer maximum opportunity to those with severe or multiple disabilities, possibly instigating achievement from sheltered to supported employment. For more information please click here.

Job Bridge Training Centre

The Pre-Employment Training is being offered to 4 distinct groups: persons with intellectual difficulties, persons with physical/sensorial difficulties, persons with mental health challenges and other vulnerable individuals. The training may range from 50 to 100 hours of training depending on the identified needs of each client. For more information please click here.